Your Papa is running

Your Papa is running

AS Muckraker writes this someone in Lesotho is crying crimson tears.
Not about personal troubles or loss but the plight of some dubious fellow who calls himself Prophet Bushiri.

The Papa has jumped bail in South Africa and is now holed up in Malawi, his country, from where he is puking the usual drivel for his gullible bigots.
He says he is fleeing for his life and wants the Malawi government to intervene on his behalf.
This is the same man who once told his congregation that he is not afraid of anything and will never run. The pompous midget once said he is not terrified by a gun.

“If you come physicary you cannot handle me. Spirituary you can’t handle me,” said the pint-sized charlatan to his cheering congregants.
“If you touch me by mistake you will die by correction,” he added.
Now as the net closes in he says “I wouldn’t want to die before my name is cleared”.

The man who once said he is not scared of a gun is now pleading with his government to protect him. He says he wants the South African government to arrest unnamed people he accuses of wanting to prematurely dispatch him to his ancestors. He has abandoned his bravado and is hiding in his government’s armpit.

Don’t ask what happened to his claim that he is not of this world and has chats with God.
His children, who are mostly bearded men and breasted women, are screaming at the police to leave their “father” alone.
Muckraker has always known this tomfoolery will end in tears. His followers were however in such strong a trance that they could not see the train that was about to hit their father.

Boom! Papa is down! Mayday, Mayday, Mayday, the Bushiri kite has hit an electric pole.
He has fallen with a thud and there is a MAJOR sound.
What remains are just random shrieks on social media.
“Hands off our Papa!” “Touch not the anointed”. “God will punish those persecuting our prophet.”

Their posts will not change anything. Papa is a fugitive.
Some misdirected and brainwashed fanatics are comparing Bushiri’s legal troubles to Jeremiah’s tribulations. That is garbage. Jeremiah was a prophet fleeing persecution while Bushiri is a suspected conman fleeing prosecution.

If you don’t see the difference you cannot be helped for you are incapable of comprehending simple facts and context.
Muckraker hopes Bushiri will have his day in court but she will not shed a tear if he is locked up. That will be one more questionable character off our streets.

Maybe his supporters can focus on feeding their children and relatives instead of stuffing money into his pockets. They must consider what they gave Bushiri as tuition for a lesson on the dangers of partaking in a religious Ponzi scheme.
Frankly, it was a depressing sight watching people prostrate themselves before a conman masquerading as a man of God. Many had suspended all reason and logic.

They allowed themselves to be turned into ATMs. Bushiri’s pin codes to those ATMs were: “Fire!”, “Seeding”, “You will be rich tomorrow” and “Miracle”.

Yet you have to admire Bushiri for his ability to capture minds and turn people into zombies. His victims suddenly turn into morons gobbling anything he says. Muckraker has seen men and women starving their families to feed Bushiri. He tells them their bank accounts will be brimming with money and they nod with gusto. He says their enemies will be dead tomorrow and they ululate.

When he brags about his riches, they bum-jive without asking for audited accounts of their ‘contributions’. The lesson is that Christianity is not based on hearsay but grounded in knowledge of the Bible. Just read! Eish!

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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