Drama as ’Maesaiah erupts in rage

Drama as ’Maesaiah erupts in rage

MASERU -DRAMATIC scenes erupted at the final match of the Econet Premier League on Saturday, but none of the players or fans were responsible for it.
And that’s because First Lady ’Maesaiah Thabane decided to grab all the thunder well before kick-off with her near-violent antics.
The First Lady stole all the limelight after she flew into a rage as she charged at Sports Minister Dr Mahali Phamotse, threatening to tear her apart for seeking the attention of her husband.
Bodyguards had to restrain the First Lady, as her husband ignored both women even though his wife shouted at the top of her voice and made advances towards Phamotse.
Phamotse’s crime, according to the First Lady, was to dare talk to the Prime Minister without her approval.
The First Lady, known for bouts of anger, was offended when Phamotse asked her husband, Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, to lead a procession to the football pitch to greet players before kick-off.

The First Lady shouted at the minister, telling her not to talk to her husband without first seeking permission from her.
“This is my husband! You cannot talk to my husband without my permission,” she shouted, to the amusement of guests and fans close to the action.
Phamotse took it cool. She apologised and descended the stairs from the Royal Stand of the stadium to the football pitch to greet the players.
But the First Lady was not yet done.
As the minister was on her way to the pitch, the fuming First Lady stood up and abandoned her seat next to her husband and charged towards Phamotse, still reminding her that Thabane is her husband.

The bodyguards moved in, got hold of her and returned her to her seat, pleading with her to calm down.
Thabane did not attempt to stop his wife’s antics. Neither did he talk to Phamotse.
At this time the attention of scores of people in the Royal Stand turned to the drama.

Some started taking videos with their mobile phones, but the VIP security men stopped them and ordered them to delete all pictures they had taken.
Thabane and his wife and the minister were the most senior dignitaries at the final match of the Econet Premier League between Matlama and Linare.
Phamotse’s invitation to the Prime Minister to lead proceedings was in line with established protocol.
Traditionally during league finals or international matches, the most senior dignitary at the stadium takes to the pitch 10 minutes before kick-off to shake hands with the players.
For example, if the King had attended the match Phamotse would have invited him and the Prime Minister to go with her to the pitch to greet the players.
This is not the first time that First Lady ’Maesaiah has reportedly degenerated into bouts of anger.

Earlier this month, the Prime Minister’s spokesman Thabo Thakalekoala was forced to deny that the First Lady had insulted a bartender.
Thakalekoala was responding to reports that the First Lady on May 5 had a nasty exchange with a bartender at Oxbow Lodge in Butha-Buthe, allegedly because the bartender had served a customer who came after her as she studied the menu.

The bartender’s explanation that he only served the other customer because she was still scrutinising the menu but was reportedly met with verbal insults from the First Lady.
Thakalekoala conceded that the First Lady was unhappy that the attendant switched attention from her to the new customer.
In July last year, she was involved in an altercation with visitors and workers at Maseru Private Hospital.
’Manthati Mabuthile, who said she was at the receiving end of the First Lady’s alleged violent actions, told thepost then that the First Lady had pulled her by the hair and hit her on the head until she fell.

“I fell down on her feet and I was kneeling down as she continued hitting me,” Mabuthile said.
“I called and asked everybody to stop this woman because she was pulling my hair and it was hurting.”
A nurse and a porter came to her rescue but their clothes were torn in the fracas.
Mabuthile said a nurse managed to extricate her from the First Lady’s grasp and hid her under a table in another room.
“When I tried to get out, the nurse stopped me and she asked me if I knew the woman who was assaulting me,” Mabuthile said.
“I said I did not know her and she told me that she is the Prime Minister’s wife.”

The First Lady’s gripe was that Mabuthile had told her to be calm when she was hysterically accusing foreign doctors of not giving urgent attention to a patient she was visiting.
Mabuthile had accompanied the same patient, who had been knocked down by a car that was from the ABC rally.
The First Lady hung up when thepost sought comment from her.
She said: “He!” and hung up.
This is a Sesotho exclamation expressing disbelief of what one is hearing.

Senate Sekotlo


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