Fired minister’s driver blames ’Maesaiah

Fired minister’s driver blames ’Maesaiah

MASERU – A minister’s driver who was also Prime Minister Thomas Thabane’s informal bodyguard is blaming First Lady ’Maesaiah Thabane for his dismissal.
Nat Molikeng, who is Minister Temeki Tšolo’s driver, claims the First Lady ’Maesaiah Thabane got him fired for allegedly supporting an All Basotho Convention (ABC) faction linked to Professor Nqosa Mahao.

The First lady has flatly rejected the allegation and others that Molikeng makes.
Molikeng also alleges that Thabane’s informal personal security detail has been disbanded at the First Lady’s behest.
“She told my boss Ntate Tšolo to choose between me and his ministerial position,” Molikeng says.
He claims that earlier, the First Lady had told him and other drivers that she will fire former Law Minister Lebohang Hlaele and Social Development’s ’Matebatso Doti “and indeed it happened exactly as she had said”.
“The First Lady had said when she fired the two ministers their drivers would starve. She said it in my presence and others whose names I can mention.”

Molikeng says he feels betrayed after the sacrifices he made for Thabane.
He volunteered as Thabane’s bodyguard when he was in exile.
“I still love Ntate Thabane and am willing to do anything to ensure his security should there be any need,” Molikeng says, adding that he was also part of Thabane’s security detail in 2007.
He says they were recently called to a meeting “where the First Lady gave us commands on how to do our job”.
He alleges that in that meeting, the First Lady instructed them to beat up ABC members opposed to the old executive committee.
“We were told that if we did not do as ordered, the security would be dissolved.”

Molikeng insists that the command to assault people was coming from the First Lady.
“They hired their own Ninja security that does not appear in the party structures.”
Molikeng told thepost that he would still be happy to get his job back as he has no problem with Tšolo.
Molikeng says he was employed by the Public Service Commission but “there are people who seem to be more powerful than the Public Service Commission”.

He also accuses the First Lady of meddling in government business.
“If the First Lady could pull her hands from running the government, everything within the party could go smoothly.”
“The First Lady should know that I do not belong to anyone. She should pull back her hands so that the government could run smoothly.”
Last night, First Lady ’Maesaiah vehemently rejected the allegations, insisting that she did not even know that Molikeng was fired.
“He worked with Ntate Tšolo, maybe he knows something,” she said.

The First Lady said it is a blatant lie that she gives instructions to security details and government officials.
“O nts’a pōta! Ke bona eka ke thotobolo eo sekatana feela sa sehata-marikhoana ha se timelletsoe ke mabaka a sona ebe joale se tla bua ka ’na,” (He is daydreaming! It seems I have become a rubbish heap which every rag talks about when it does not know what to talk about).
The irate ’Maesaiah said she does not even know where the Cabinet office is.
She said she does not even know her husband Thabane’s offices because she has never been there.

And although she knows that the ABC’s offices are located at Metcash Complex she has never set her foot there, she said.
Tšolo said Molikeng was dismissed because he misbehaved.
“I said he should park the car because he did not return to work after his leave ended,” Tšolo said.
He also said he did not understand why Molikeng associated the First Lady with his dismissal.
“He was chosen to drive for me and he misbehaved. People just want to politicise the issue,” Tšolo said.

Nkheli Liphoto


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