Junior officer takes on police bosses

Junior officer takes on police bosses

MASERU-POLICE Constable Motlatsi Mofokeng has challenged his bosses to prove that he used rebellious words to incite police officers to mutiny.
In a letter detailing why he should not be booted out of the police service, PC Mofokeng rejected that he rebelled or undermined the police leadership.
PC Mofokeng said for him to respond, he wished to request “any evidence to show that indeed the mobile number 59917933 belongs to me immediately (sic)”.

The police bosses allege that the phone number was used by PC Mofokeng to incite the police to rebel against Commissioner Holomo Molibeli after he fired the Lesotho Police Staff Association (Leposa) treasurer, Lance Sergeant Mathebe Motseki, earlier this month.

L/Sgt Motseki was booted out of the police force after he delivered a scathing attack at the police bosses at the funeral of L/Sgt Molelekoa in Mafeteng.

L/Sgt Motseki alleged that the police bosses were promoting criminals.
Two weeks later, she was dismissed from the police service.
PC Mofokeng, the Leposa spokesman, is being accused of inciting a rebellion within the police in an audio clip which went into circulation last Wednesday.

The voice note encouraged the entire police to stand up in protest against the management that fired L/Sgt Motseki.
In a letter the management wrote to PC Mofokeng, the police alleged that on or around the 14th of August 2020 at around 05:21 he made a voice note in a police WhatsApp group inciting rebellion amongst the members of the same group who are police officers.

In the same voice clip, Compol Molibeli was accused of dismissing L/Sgt Motseki.
The letter further accuses PC Mofokeng of saying “an injury to one is an injury to all” therefore members of the group should jointly write a letter to Commissioner Molibeli demanding that he reinstates L/Sgt Motseki within 14 days of the receipt of the letter.

If he fails to do so, Commissioner Molibeli should either dismiss all of them or they should all die or fall where L/Sgt Motseki fell or died.
The management also said PC Mofokeng’s “utterances were influencing and inciting bloodshed or raging war against Compol Molibeli”.

In his reply, PC Mofokeng demanded to know from the management if they are in possession of any evidence backing their claim against him.
“I, PC Mofokeng and the purported L/Sgt Mathebe Motseki whom it is alleged I was masquerading as are one and the same person, if so, I said evidence is requested to be availed immediately,” he said in the letter.

PC Mofokeng’ s letter also asked if Commissioner Molibeli is a member of Leposa so much that he may have first-hand information regarding what was discussed in that group.
He said people who are not members of the association should state where they got all the information.
“This is very crucial,” he said.

The letter also demanded answers from the police management if it is aware of the technological advances and technicalities with the modern use of mobile phones so much that one’s phone may be hacked without the owner’s knowledge.

PC Mofokeng said all police officers are adults who should make decisions independently adding it would be impossible to influence how they conduct themselves.
And as such, their acts must never be associated with my conduct at any given time, he said.

“I am in no way trying to undermine the powers vested in the Commissioner of Police by my request above but I believe they can shed a light in this matter,” he said.

Nkheli Liphoto

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