Lawyer says Scott ‘innocent’

Lawyer says Scott ‘innocent’

MASERU – A LAWYER representing a mother and son accused of killing two boys for alleged ritual purposes has asked the High Court to release the two, arguing that the prosecution has failed to prove a case against them.
In a case that captivated the nation, Lehlohonolo Scott and his mother ’Malehlohonolo from Koalabata were nabbed and charged with double murder.

They are accused of murdering two boys in Koalabata in June 2012, allegedly for ritual purposes. In October the same year, Scott escaped from prison and skipped the country.

He was later found in Durban, South Africa using a different identity.
On Tuesday, parties to the case completed their arguments, with the duo’s lawyer Advocate Thulo Hoeane applying for the release of his clients. He argued that the crown had failed to link them to the murders of Moholobela Seetsa and Kamohelo Mohata.

Advocate Hoeane argued that the testimonies of the crown witnesses had not proved ’Malehlohonolo’s involvement in the disappearance and subsequent death of the two boys.

He said the court was never shown how Scott was linked to the clothes that were identified as belonging to the boys. “’Malehlohonolo testified in this court that in her presence her son never took the police to where the body parts were,” Advocate Hoeane said.

“It was the investigating officer Khatleli who actually brought the clothes and they were never pointed to him by the accused people,” he said.
Adv Hoeane said testimonies given by witnesses contradicted with what was said by the police officers who arrested Scott and his mother.

He argued that a police officer leading the investigation claimed in court that Scott pointed out where the body parts were hidden in the donga.
Yet his client said he was led by the police to the location where the body parts were buried.

Adv Hoeane said even ’Malehlohonolo had told the court that she never saw Scott pointing out the body parts but was driven to the location by police officers.

He said it is baseless for ’Malehlohonolo to be charged because there was no evidence brought before the court against her. “She only came into the picture after the crime was committed,” he said.

The court heard that ’Malehlohonolo was only charged after a splatter of blood was found in her toilet. Adv Hoeane said the police charged ’Malehlohonolo because they believed she had something to do with the blood.

“There was no evidence brought before court that the blood found was indeed a human blood,” he said. “Even the police officer who took the pictures of the body parts did not in his evidence say Scott or his mother pointed where the body parts were hidden,” Adv Hoeane said.

He said if indeed Scott was the one who pointed out the location of the body parts, the police should have produced pictures of him with the body parts to bolster the crown’s case.

Adv Hoeane advised the court not to concentrate on what happened after the escape but how Scott escaped as he did not intentionally leave the prison.
In response, the crown counsel, Advocate Gareth Leppan, said it boggled the mind that ’Malehlohonolo denied committing the crime when the boys’ clothes and body parts were found in her house.

Regarding Lehlohonolo, Advocate Leppan argued that his escape from prison and subsequent stay in South Africa under a false identity showed he knew he was guilty. “Investigative police testified that all evidence led to the First Accused (Lehlohonolo),” Advocate Leppan said.

“Even all crown witnesses showed that he is guilty,” he said. “Also there were exhibits connecting him to the crimes.” High Court judge, Justice Teboho Moiloa, said he will deliver his ruling on February 12 next year.

Itumeleng Khoete

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