Majoro gives ministers ultimatum

Majoro gives ministers ultimatum

MASERU-PRIME Minister Moeketsi Majoro has given ministers an ultimatum to complete tasks.
This followed a report by Planning Minister Selibe Mochoboroane revealing that most ministries were lagging behind on their projects and targets.
Dr Majoro gave ministers between two weeks and six months to ensure specific projects are completed.

He said he told his coalition partner Deputy Prime Minister Mathibeli Mokhothu that “we are left with only a few days in government”.
“Time flies,” Dr Majoro said.
“There are old projects that are still not done yet the government is spending money on them,” he said.

Dr Majoro said Mochoboroane’s report reveals that in Milikane, Qacha’s Nek, the Ministry of Home Affairs paid a different contractor instead of the one contracted to provide park homes.
The paid contractor has since fled the country.
“I command Home Affairs to go and fetch that money paid to the contractor,” he said.

He said a contractor hired to install electricity at ’Milikane disappeared in 2018 after being paid.
“Criminals who helped the person to be paid should also be searched and held accountable,” he said.

The Home Affairs ministry is the one that has to be penalised for such behavior, he said, adding: “It should be done within four months.”
He said there is a project that was supposed to provide water for 10 000 people but it is not operational and “the money is paid but the job not done”.

He said there is also a water project that started in 2015 in Mafeteng and was supposed to be operational by now but “they tell us it is a design flaw yet money was pumped out”.
The Prime Minister told Minister of Water Nkaku Kabi to ensure the project is completed within five months.
He said the government wanted to build Mafeteng prison but the problem is design.

He told the Ministers of Planning, Justice and Public Works to “meet before the expiry of 20 days and then come up with the Mafeteng prison design”.
He said there is an electricity project in Ha-Makopela in Qacha’s Nek that was supposed to have been completed but it is not.
“I am giving the Minister of Energy up to a month to have finished the project,” he said.

He said the Thaabe village electricity project was supposed to be finished in 2018 but the contractor did not finish it.
“I command the Minister of Energy to arrange the finishing of the project within two weeks.”
He said in 2014 equipment that was to be given to vocational schools was bought from India at a cost of US$4.7 million (about M77 million).
“The government did not build warehouses or shelters for such equipment,” he said.

Since 2014 such machines were left outside in the rains,” he said.
“The US$4.7 million is being paid with Basotho taxes.”
He commanded the Ministers of Water, Energy and Planning to meet and ensure that the equipment has shelters and is fixed back to its good condition.

He said the Ministry of Finance will have to give out money to help complete the job.
He said there was a project at Upper Moyeni where a road and city lights were to be installed but the lights are still not working.
He said the Local Government Ministry has to tell the government how they signed certificates yet the job was not done.

“Within three weeks Local Government must find that contractor to complete the job,” he said.
He said there is a water project at Ha-Lumisi that was began in 2015 but until today the community does not have water.
He said there was another project at Ha-Sephapho to install electricity for 10 000 households.

“The Minister of Energy must try to finish up the job.”
He said in his own home of Tsikoane the water supply project to supply water for Hlotse and Tsikoane was completed about five years ago but is still not operational.
“We are told that it is a design flaw from the source,” he said.
He said the government has built offices for principal chiefs but such offices do not have equipment at all.

He also said the Tšifa-li-Mali Court in Leribe needs to be used to help decongest the High Court that is now based in Maseru only.
He said the only problem with the new court is equipment.
“Ministers of Justice and Energy must ensure that the project is done,” he said.

He said the Ministry of Energy must go and launch the electricity project at Ha-Belo in Butha-Buthe within four months.
A new industrial park is being built at Ha-Belo.
He said all those responsible in Butha-Buthe must think of where the Ha-Belo workers will stay.
It is expected that Ha-Belo will provide close to 20 000 jobs at a go.

Nkheli Liphoto

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