Majoro’s  private  secretary fired

Majoro’s private secretary fired

MASERU – PRIME Minister Moeketsi Majoro this week wielded the axe on his private secretary, ’Mantsikoe Nkhasi, for joining Tefo Mapesela’s Basotho Patriotic Party (BPP).
He also sent on forced leave the Principal Secretary in the Ministry of Communications Tankiso Phapano.

Majoro did not disclose any reasons why he was dismissing Phapano.
Phapano told thepost yesterday that he was not bitter over the premier’s decision to dismiss adding Majoro had a right to hire and fire principal secretaries.

He said the Prime Minister had confirmed that he was still serving his country well but only that their love had cooled off “and we held several meetings on the issue”.
Phapano said his contract has not been terminated adding he was still negotiating terms with his boss.

“I decided that I should leave office while my issue is being worked out,” Phapano said.
He said he was still enjoying benefits of a principal secretary.
He also denied defecting to the newly formed Basotho Action Party (BAP) led by Professor Nqosa Mahao, saying he was appointed by Majoro’s predecessor, Thomas Thabane.
“I am still a member of the ABC,” he said.

Phapano said Majoro should not be crucified for not seeing what Thabane saw in him.
“Maybe Majoro does not see what Thabane saw when appointing me, we should not crucify him for that,” he said.
He said every Prime Minister has a right to choose the principal secretaries who will help him deliver services to the people smoothly.

He also said the ABC factionalism should also not be blamed as he was appointed while there were three factions in the party and “Thabane decided to appoint me a principal secretary”.
He said factionalism is rife in most political parties around the world adding he was appointed at a time when the ABC was riven by factions.

“I became a principal secretary during the factions but no one can say I victimised the other faction because being PS you become part of the ministry’s public servants,” he said.
He said there was no way he could take factional sides as he respects the principal secretary’s office.

Phapano received an instruction to go on leave on Tuesday while Nkhasi received her dismissal letter last Friday.
Nkhasi said she accepts the termination with both hands because Majoro has the power to fire her.
She told thepost that she has joined the BPP led by Mapesela.
“I do not have a problem when he fires me because the law allows him to do so,” Nkhasi said.

However, the crux of Majoro’s letter dismissing her was that she attended the BAP’s press conference at a time when its leader Professor Mahao unveiled it to the public.
Nkhasi said she went to the BAP press conference “just to listen to politics as I have a right as a Mosotho woman to listen to politics if I feel like it”.

The dismissal letter states that she had failed to provide satisfactory reasons why she attended the press conference called by a party that was not in government.
“The Prime Minister has recommended that your employment contract be terminated for the reasons that your employment relationship which is built on trust and loyalty has been broken by your actions,” the letter reads.

It says Nkhasi has breached the duty by her presence at the political press conference “by a party that no more shares the same principles and values of the ruling party that has employed you”.

Nkheli Liphoto

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