One more week in jail for ’Maesaiah

One more week in jail for ’Maesaiah

MASERU-’Maesaiah Thabane will spend another week in jail after her bail application was postponed.
By Tuesday next week, when the application is expected to be heard, ’Maesaiah would have spent nearly two weeks behind bars.
The hearing was postposed to allow friends and relatives of Lipolelo, the victim, to join the hearing.

High Court judge Justice Thamsanqa Nomncongo said the relatives and friends should have filed their affidavits by this Friday.
’Maesaiah’s lawyers are expected to reply on Monday.
In an affidavit to oppose bail, Deputy Commissioner of Police Paseka Mokete tells the court that ’Maesaiah is so dangerous that she should be kept in custody.

He says ’Maesaiah has access to dangerous assassins.
“She would endanger the safety of the crown witnesses and she would attempt to influence or intimidate witnesses,” DCP Mokete says.
DCP Mokete says ’Maesaiah “faces extremely serious charges in which the most egregious and extreme aggression and violence was demonstrated in the act of killing” Lipolelo.

He adds that ’Maesaiah has “demonstrated the (extent) to which she is prepared to go when she harbours resentment towards another, which does not bode well for crown witnesses who fear (her), along with her close contacts in the business and political community”.
“Witness are all too aware of the ability of (’Maesaiah) to be prone to violent behaviour.”

“The hiring of assassins, who are readily available, has become more and more prevalent and remains a threat to society and crown witnesses.”
’Maesaiah “demonstrated the ease at which she has access to assassins to execute her horrendous deeds,” he says. 
“Lastly, crown witnesses and relatives of the deceased, very much fear the petitioner.”

He tells the court that available evidence does not only demonstrate the ability of ’Maesaiah to pay assassins to kill people, but that she has paid people to not say a word about her involvement this “most heinous and grotesque crime”.
The crown witnesses have also received anonymous threats for having implicated ’Maesaiah in the murder.

“Lesotho is an extremely small country where most people, know each other and have easy access to each other.”
He says her co-accused, who are still at large, “are all members of the notorious famo gang, well known for displaying violence and for brutal killings”.

“These are the type of people that (’Maesaiah) has access to.”
’Maesaiah has asked the court to release her so she can take care of her husband, former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane, who she said was critically ill.

She said Thabane needed her because he had just had a prostate operation and suffers from Alzheimer’s as well incontinence.
But DCP Mokete dismissed that arguments, saying ’Maesaiah “is neither a qualified medical practitioner nor a qualified nurse”.
‘He said ’Maesaiah left her husband for three weeks between January 10 and February 5, 2020 when she fled to South Africa.
“At no stage does she claim to have returned to attend to (her husband)’s alleged ailing medical conditions,” he said.

“As a former Prime Minister, (her husband) is even entitled to such free medical treatment which is provided by the government in accordance with the provisions of Prime Minister and Deputy Prime Minister (Retirement and Spouse’s Benefits) Regulations, 2016.”

He said there are no exceptional circumstances for her bail.
DCP Mokete said ’Maesaiah “is placing a false sense of reliance on having to care for (her husband) when he too potentially faces the self-same criminal charges and may have to contend with the very bail considerations that (’Maesaiah) now faces”.

Itumeleng Khoete

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