Top DC official defects to ABC

Top DC official defects to ABC

MASERU-THE Democratic Congress (DC) in Mpharane constituency is in turmoil a month after Deputy Sports Minister Phutuhelo Mafereka beat up a senior party official at a stormy meeting.
Mafereka told thepost this week that he was left with no choice but to physically assault the constituency chairman, Mothae Moletsane, after he became unruly during a meeting.

He said Moletsane wanted to stop their meeting by attacking one woman who was the secretary.
“He came with four men and other women who support him and he tried to attack some members,” Mafereka said.
He added that he was just trying to bring Moletsane to order as that was the only way they could escape his fury that day.

A month after that fight, Moletsane says he is quitting the DC to join the All Basotho Convention (ABC).
Moletsane was welcomed by the ABC leader, Thomas Thabane, at the party’s offices in Maseru where he was given a yellow T-shirt last weekend.
Moletsane said although he had grievances about how the party was being run, matters eventually came to a head during the 2020 constituency conference where he was assaulted by Mafereka.

He said the constituency MP beat him up when he was trying to challenge the way things were being done in the party.
He said after the assault they asked the constituency committee to intervene adding that they also wrote to the party about the matter.
“The constituency committee turned a blind eye on the matter,” he said.

He said there was no intervention to solve the conflict that even escalated into a fight adding that after they realised that there was no place to run to, he decided to take the matter to courts but since then the MP has barred him from attending meetings.
Moletsane said everything that happened to him and other members was reported to the party headquarters but nothing was done to resolve the matter.

He said what happened last month had now forced him to defect to the ABC, adding several other DC members had also decided to walk out of the party.
“They suggested we should leave but I had resisted until recently.”
He added that they then decided to send questionnaires to the constituency branches to advise on the way forward and the suggestion was that he should leave the party as they will leave with him wherever he goes.

He said he is a man of peace and cannot tolerate to see adults misbehaving ending up with physical assaults.
Moletsane accused the DC senior management of failing to uphold by the party’s constitution.
“In congress (parties) we are governed by the constitution and nothing else,” Moletsane said.

He said the constituency committee had failed to respect and honour the DC constitution adding he could no longer stand the mismanagement of the party’s affairs.
Moletsane said it is the accepted practice in the DC that disgruntled individuals show their dissatisfaction by writing letters to the party’s leadership.

“We wrote letters even to the top party management but nothing happened,” he said.
He also complained that the constituency committee had over-stayed in power and was never re-elected.
“The last election was in 2017 and the members have been the same since then,” he said.

He said under normal circumstances their party should elect new committees after every year not what it is being done currently.
He said in 2017 he was chosen by about 10 branches to contest for primary elections in preparation for general elections.
“The constituency MP was not happy with that and that is where my problems started to emerge,” he said.

He also alleged that their 2019 membership subscription money was never taken to the party headquarters.
He said they complained several times to the party management but nothing was done.
The Mpharane constituency youth committee chairman, Tlotliso Makoetlane, said Moletsane’s claims were false.

He said Moletsane had made disparaging comments about the quality of their MPs whom he alleged were uneducated insisting he was the only one who was educated and should be appointed a minister.
Makoetlane after those allegations they called Moletsane for a disciplinary hearing where they condemned his utterances against “uneducated MPs”.
“We told him that we would not vote for him because of his words,” Makoetlane said.

He said lately Moletsane had complained of a lack of roads in the constituency and in response to that the MP constructed a two kilometre-road worth M4 million.
“Mothae was not happy about that yet he complained a lot about lack of roads here,” he said.

He said they are not surprised by Moletsane’s defection as his actions made it clear that he was on his way out.
He said it is true that Moletsane once came and interrupted one of their meetings by fighting the constituency secretary.
“That is where he was slapped, it was for that reason.”

Nkheli Liphoto

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