Sex scandal rocks women’s football

Sex scandal rocks women’s football

MASERU – Sexual assault allegations have rocked Lesotho’s women’s junior national team camp.
On Tuesday a Facebook page claimed several players have complained that they were being assaulted by other female players.
The Facebook page in question appears to have been taken down but the allegations have been the talk of the town since.

thepost has not been able to independently verify the claims and when approached for comment, the Lesotho Football Association’s (LEFA) secretary general, Mokhosi Mohapi, said the association is working on getting more information.
Mohapi, however, gave an interview yesterday morning to 357 FM radio station in which he appeared to confirm players engage in sexual activities while in national team camps even though it is not allowed by the association.

What Mohapi did not confirm, however, was whether LEFA has received any sexual assault complaints from players and what LEFA is going to do about it.
Mohapi was not pressed on the matter by the presenter, Lebohang Maketa, even though that was the reason for the interview.
Mohapi did say he called a meeting with the team managers in question to discuss the matter.
Maketa gave Mohapi over five minutes to speak on the radio interview and did not stop him.

In fact, Maketa was agreeing with Mohapi as he classed some players as ‘ba loanang le Molimo’, a statement that questions sexual orientation, and is discriminatory to the LGBTQI (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer and intersex) community.
Mohapi has since apologised for his offensive comments but Maketa never apologised even after Mohapi did.
Mohapi confirmed LEFA has had similar problems in the past and he was the one to personally deal with the matter.
The LEFA general secretary said he sat down with the players to talk about their rights when they are in camp.

Mohapi questioned the Facebook page that put up the allegations and some have said it is fake but the question is why the allegations are appearing now after two women’s teams went into camp.
Mohapi said LEFA has not heard any similar claims from the men’s junior teams that also went into camp and the allegations are only from the women’s teams.

Although sexual activities amongst players in national camps are not allowed, it does happen.
Although it is outlawed by LEFA, if it is a consensual decision between two adults there is nothing criminally wrong.
However, in the case where some players are complaining of being assaulted, then it would appear a crime has been committed.
LEFA is yet to release an official statement denying or confirming the allegations.

Tlalane Phahla

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