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Thebe-ea-khale is your boss



IF you think education is a waste of time you just have to remember that there is a man called Simon Thebe-ea-khale.

If you want to understand why financial literacy should be taught from primary school you have to look at the people who invested in his wretched Ponzi scheme.

But if you want to laugh you have to remember that the RFP has Thebe-ea-khale as one of its candidates.

The punch line of that joke is that the party claims to be basing its selection of candidates on meritocracy. The party says it hired consultants to interview the aspiring candidates. And we are told that the team comprised of people with qualifications in human resources, management and politics. There were also some PhD holders and church leaders.


Ke mohlolo oa thuoana ea loli.

A whole panel of so-called experts interviewed him and thought he is fit for purpose.

Never mind that he was running a Ponzi scheme that swallowed nearly half a billion maloti.

That he was keeping money in boxes did not matter to the panel and the RFP leadership.

Nor did it bother them that he is the man who left thousands of Basotho high and dry as he robbed Peter to pay Paul under the guise of “investments”.

There are those clever by half who call Thebe-ea-khale a businessman who was sabotaged by the central bank and the government.

It is their right to display their financial illiterateness.

Blissful ignorance is not a crime. Nor is it entirely shameful. What is disgraceful is to wear ignorance like a badge of honour. Thebe-ea-Khale was a thief and he is yet to repent because there is a battalion of people who still believe he was a saviour.

That he is not in jail is a reflection of the lawlessness that pervades this country.

That he doesn’t move around with ten bodyguards is because we have a national penchant for celebrating thieves. Steal M10 from one Mosotho at a market and a mob will lynch you before the police drive the Mokhorotlo F.O.O.T to the scene.

But steal millions from thousands of them and they will lift you on their shoulders and call you a hero.

Thebe-ea-Khale’s obvious sin against the thousands did not matter to the RFP because they are redefining both our politics and the words that come with it.

He is their main man in Hloahloeng and they are sticking with him.

Meritocracy, my foot!

But who the RFP chooses as its candidate is not Muckraker’s business.

After all, the party is a property of a few who have their terms.

What disappoints Muckraker is the arguments of those who are bitter about being side-lined by the party.

They are pointing to their victories in the primaries. Okay!

They say the due process was not followed. Fine!

Some are demanding that the party shows them the results of their selection interviews.


And they are saying all this because they want to prove that they deserve to represent the party in the next elections.

The reality, though, is that they are missing the point.

This has nothing to do with the primaries and due process.

It never was and will never be.

The real substantial argument against the party’s decision to bin them is dancing on their foreheads while they scratch their heads for legal jargon.

Pretending to be legal experts when they cannot even beat Thebe-ea-Khale in an interview where logic and honesty are being tested.

Their argument should be that Thebe-ea-khale, a certified tsotsi, is a candidate and they are not.

That alone is enough to make any judge see the hollowness of the party’s meritocracy mantra. If it’s too late to force the party to reverse its decision they should, at least, sue it for defaming and insulting them.

Defamation because the party is alleging that Thebe-ea-khale is better than them. Insulting because the party had the guts to put them in a meritocracy race with Thebe-ea-khale.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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Tongue matters



It was not by default that some of the government’s paid and unpaid sycophants were attacking the principal secretaries who were fighting their termination.

One local newspaper which bootlicks with gusto was peeved that the principal secretaries were not giving up on their fight (We were not told why that was such an evil thing).

Their crime, as the newspaper insinuated, was that they were trying to delay the case so that they continue to earn their salaries and benefits. This tactic, the newspaper bellowed, was meant to sabotage the government. Really?

Such an inane argument would be laughable were it not tragic.

It was obvious the principal secretaries wanted to tie Uncle Sam in complex legal knots. That is how it works. No need for complicated mathematical models or throwing bones to know this would happen.

Not much acumen needed either. Just simple history and common sense. The history being that it has happened before with consistency. The common sense being that people don’t like being pushed out of their jobs for whatever reason.

It doesn’t matter how and why you do it. How people defend their bread in court is their business. In this case, the principal secretaries were not being terminated because they had done anything wrong. Wanting to hire your own people to implement your policy is no reason enough to callously fire anyone.

But somehow, Uncle Sam and his ministers thought they were a special breed that could walk into government and spank people out of their jobs. Now that the government has settled, you can be sure the same minions will pretend it was a result of the government’s brilliance or benevolence.

The truth is that the government should never have wasted its money and energy fighting the principal secretaries.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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The fear of whites



Muckraker has no racist bone in her. So she will say what she wants without the fear of being called a racist. Follow the logic slowly to avoid jumping to conclusions.

The next time the government is fighting a court battle with anyone you should watch the legal representatives carefully. You can be sure that some white fella will be representing the government.

It’s as if there is always a white messiah waiting to save our government from its legal troubles. They like importing them from across Mohokare. Even if they choose to use a ‘local’ lawyer you can be sure that they are white. The issue of experience doesn’t matter.

They just have to be white. This has been the pattern over the years and it’s likely to continue as long as our government suffers from this incessant bout of inferiority complex. Everything else can be reserved for Basotho but not the provision of legal services to the government.

Here is where it gets excruciatingly painful. The same people who import white lawyers to represent the government will gladly hire local lawyers when they have personal legal problems. This is to say they trust local lawyers to solve their problems but don’t believe they are good enough to represent the government.

But don’t be confused because there is method to this sickening habit. The only reason they don’t hire local lawyers for the government is because there is lots of money to be made.

They don’t want the paws of black local lawyers anywhere near the government’s money. As far as they are concerned, Basotho lawyers are only good enough to represent thieves, cattle rustlers and those divorcing. Lesotho’s senior lawyers are King’s Counsels in their villages and not to the government.

The government’s legal matters are reserved for imported white lawyers. And let’s not pretend this is not about skin colour. No! If it wasn’t about that, the government would have hired a few black South Africans over the years.

Muckraker has to mention this because she saw this obsession with white lawyers again recently. The government was represented by a white advocate in its legal fight with the sixteen principal secretaries. For some reason, there was no local lawyer to handle a simple labour case between the government and its employees. That lawyer was imported to help the government fight what was clearly an unwinnable case.

A simple issue that could have been resolved over motoho and cool heads was now involving some imported legal mind behind paid by the bucket. You cannot make this up. When it eventually came back to its senses, the government did precisely what it should have done from the onset: negotiate. It took a meeting of a few hours for the Minister of Labour to seal a deal with the principal secretaries.

And where was the government’s white lawyer? Well, Muckraker is not sure but suspects he was preparing his hefty invoice. The government had wasted Basotho’s money fighting Basotho using some imported lawyer. Yet it says Basotho pele! Nonsense!

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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Shaking the shack



SOME years ago Muckraker stumbled on the fascinating story of an Indian man who always drove his car in reverse.

By 2014 Harpeet Devi had been cruising in reverse on India’s roads for eleven years.

It started in 2003 when he could not afford to fix his Fiat’s gearbox. So he just started reversing to his destination. By the time he fixed the car Devi could not stop driving in reverse. He was so comfortable that he could drive at 80km/h backwards on the highways. It was now a habit he could not unlearn. Hooked on to the anomaly.

What mattered was he was going places, loved it and it worked.

Muckraker was reminded of that bizarre story when she heard of some people jostling for leadership positions in the LCD. You read that right: there are still people dreaming of leading the LCD and they are prepared to clobber each other to get to the top of that anthill of a political party. This misplaced ambition and delusion would be funny were it not tragic.

Those who made it into the LCD national executive committee days ago are inheriting a car that only drives in reverse. You don’t need basic arithmetic skills to see that the LCD has been driving in reverse for the past 10 years.

The only difference with Devi, the Indian chap, is that the LCD doesn’t have a destination and has fooled itself into thinking that it’s going forward.

It’s hurtling to its grave in reverse but those who claim to be leading it believe they are on the verge of some revival. They are not looking at the numbers because they are too scared of reality.

Instead, they will pretend that the past decade of disasters is just a passing phase and those who have jumped the sinking ship are either sell-outs or just lack vision.

Of course, the only vision that the LCD leaders have is that which is in the view mirror.

Little wonder they are quick to remember past success when faced with calamities of now. They never shut up about Ntsu Mokhehle. Ask them what they achieved and they will point to free primary education. And that’s it.

You would think Lesotho’s economy was firing on all cylinders under their leadership. You would be forgiven for thinking there was no corruption and inept management in their administration.

You know a party is caput when its leadership spends more time musing about history instead of plotting the future.

But you have to understand why the LCD is fixated with history. When you have no future all you have is history. The LCD is not a dying party. To describe it as such is to assume there is something left to resuscitate. The LCD is dead. Gone!

Those still in it are either desperate or delusional or both. Those who claim to be leading it are certified political failures and they know it. There is no leadership role for them beyond that dead donkey.

Only the LCD can tolerate their mediocrity.

Nka! Ichuuuuuuuuuuu!

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